Dear colleagues and friends of the ever-growing ‘Neurological Surgery Research’ ListServ on the Internet:

It is my real pleasure and honor to serve as the Patron of the Sixth Annual International Neurosurgery Conference, to be held (21-28 August 2010), once again, on a round-the-world stage, thanks to the wonders of the Internet and our Founder Dr Ganesalingam Narenthiran.

On behalf of the Conference, I am proud to invite you to attend a scientific event, which in my humble opinion, is the future of scientific communication, allowing us to closely interact in the increasingly globalized World where the ideas flow ever more quickly through the cyber space leading to advances in neurosurgery as well as fostering of collegiality and friendship among the premier clinical surgical neuroscientists of the world.

The result of this sharing is that we not only share academic advances, but we break down cultural, national, geographic, linguistic, and other barriers which, in the past, have often impaired the advancement of the healing arts and sciences. Such collaboration can also provide the basis for peace and cooperation in our often divided world, which we must all care for as well!

For the year 2010, we have changed the dates of our International Conference, so as to allow more time for the exchange of ideas, developments, experiences, and hopes for our blue planet and its myriads of peoples who suffer from neurological and neurosurgical illness. As before, it is our objective to add to the body of "state of the art" scientific literature; and, as in past years, we will publish the proceedings of our Conference for our worldwide colleagues to share.

I cannot conclude these words of invitation without first warmly citing our Founder, Dr.Ganesaligam Narenthiran, for his invaluable dedication and his creative approach to world scientific communication which allows us to promote healthy exchange of ideas in neurosurgery, and further invites us to socialize in this one world of ours that, with the advance of communications technology, is becoming smaller and more intimate with each passing year. I would also like to publicly and sincerely thank him for having that special character - valuable, sincere, friendly and very human - to promote special assistance to my native country, Chile, when it was hit which as everyone knows, by one of the most devastating earthquakes since records began on earth, our beloved blue planet.

Kudos are also due to Dr. Peter Black, President of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS), whose famous phrase, "World Neurosurgery, One World, One vision-building bridge" represents a fine credo for what our Conference is trying to achieve.

I wish you all a very happy and productive participation in this conference, and may our work together advance both our medical specialty and the condition of our world.

A big hug to all, and let us go to work!!!

Leonidas M Quintana MD
Professor of Neurosurgery
University of Valparaiso

Honorary President
Latin American Federation of Societies of Neurological Surgery

Second Vice-President
World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies


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