Message from the Patron


Mr Owen C Sparrow FRCS

Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon
Wessex Neurological Centre
Southampton, UK

Chairman, Intercollegiate Examination Board in Neurosurgery of the UK & Ireland

It is a pleasure and an honour to act as patron for the Fourth Annual International Neurosurgery Conference on the internet. Facing, as we do, many difficulties across the world, magnified by the current economic downturn, what a wonderful opportunity this internet conference offers us all to meet and exchange ideas with neither the environmental concerns, nor the expense of travel to a conference venue. A bold step has been taken in establishing these internet conferences, and we can be proud that neurosurgery is at the forefront of this novel method of professional and scientific communication.

Many diverse interests will be served by the spectrum of presentations in the programme, and the slightly longer duration of this year’s conference will allow for plenty of opportunity to engage in discussion of the papers on-line. For many, the timing during the festive period, in the run up to New Year, will be an added attraction.

Congratulations to Naren on his innovative development of this novel conference concept. I wish you all a joyous festive season, and productive participation in this year’s “virtual” meeting.

Owen Sparrow
Southampton, UK



The Fourth Annual

International Neurosurgery


27-30 December 2008

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Mr Owen C Sparrow, FRCS