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Annals of Neurosurgery


Prof Alan Crockard

Message from the Patron

Professor Alan Crockard

It is indeed an honour and pleasure to be invited to be the Patron of
this Third Annual International Neurosurgery Conference, which by its
very format shows that Neurosurgical thinking is at the cutting edge of
technology and communication. It is humbling to remember my first
exposure to this speciality which depended so heavily on clinical
examination and whose investigative tools were angiography, air
encephalography and midline shift in trauma judged by ultrasound. I can
remember a Polaroid photograph of a CAT scan of a brain tumour from
London in the early '70's, amazed at the detail. From there to today
where day case "keyhole" surgery for brain tumours is increasing,
modulation of movement, pain and even mood possible and restoration of
damaged spinal cord function just round the corner, what a privilege to
be part of this specialty.

This Third Annual Conference demonstrates the immediacy of a 'virtual"
conference, allowing deeper questioning of ideas than might be afforded
by 2 minutes of questions after a conventional symposium session. It
also allows all of us to continue the conversations with each other well
after this conference technically ceases. I believe it will provide a
useful bridge between institutions and individuals to further progress
the exciting developments in our speciality.

I thank Naren for the huge amount of work he has put into this to ensure
it will be a "big hit". I wish all of you success in your endeavours.
Alan Crockard
Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon
Victor Horsley Department of Neurosurgery
The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
Queen Square

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