Programme: Friday, 20 November 2020

Keynote Lectures:
  • Mr Ramez Kirollos (8:45 am, London Time) - AVM
  • Prof Mehmet Zileli (11:45 am, London Time) - Scoliosis Surgery
  • Prof Andreas Unterberg (13:00, London Time) - High Grade Gliomas
  • Prof Tariq Kahm (14:00, London Time) - Decompressive Craniectomy & Head Injuries
  • Dr Robert Spetzler (5:15 pm London Time) - Giant Aneurysms
  • Dr Michael Lawton (20:00 London Time) - Brainstem cavernomas

Full Programme for Friday, 2020 November 2020

(The Listings are on LONDON Time)

08:30 Welcome, G Narenthiran (UK)

08:45 Keynote Lecture: Anatomical basis for planning and execution of AVM resection, Dr Ramez Kirollos (Singapore)

09:30 A one year prospective study on the epidemiology of spina bifida cystica in Kenya as seen at the Kenyatta national hospital, Nimrod Juniahs Mwang'ombe, Kenya [Oral,#69]

09:45 Lesioning for Tremor in the DBS era, Dwarakanath Srinivas,India (Oral,#6)

10:00 Systematic review of Robotic Assisted Spinal Surgery: A hope to perform safe spinal surgery During COVID-19 and any other infective outbreaks, Noor ul huda Maria,Pakistan (Oral,#8)

10:15 Open vs Endoscopic Assisted Surgery for Craniosynostosis in terms of blood Loss, Infection risk and hospital stay: a study from LMIC, Noor ul huda Maria,Pakistan (Oral,#9)

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 Utility and pitfalls of high field 3 Tesla intraoperative MRI in neurosurgery: A single centre experience of 100 cases, Kartik Manoj Multani,India (Oral,#25)

11:00 Issues in craniovertebral and spinal instability, Atul Goel,India (Oral,#47)

11:15 Limbic System – Anatomical and Surgical Correlates, Abhidha Shah, India (Oral,#48)

11:30 Role of neuroendoscopy (rigid and flexible) in management of hydrocephalus in children: our experience in last 2 years, Shighakolli Ramesh,India (Oral,#52)

Keynote Lecture: Principles of Scoliosis Surgery, Prof Mehmet Zileli (Turkey)

12:30 Lunch break

Keynote Lecture: Current Management of High Grade Gliomas. Prof Andras Unterberg (Germany)

13:45 Carotid Endarterectomy - Tips and Tricks, Komal Prasad Chandrachari,India (Oral,#68)

14:00 K
Keynote Lecture: Current Status of Decompressive Craniectomy for Severe Head Injuries. Prof Tariq Khan (Pakistan)

14:45 The era of Web-Based education during pandemic: do we need to listen to the Call of the void to take the leap of faith? Noor ul Huda Maria,Pakistan (Oral,#13)

15:00 Association of May-Thurner syndrome in spine clinic, Rahul Srinivasan,India (Flash,#7)

15:08 Comparison of surgical clipping vs endovascular coiling for posterior projecting anterior communicating artery aneurysms, Noor ul Huda Maria, Pakistan,(Flash,#12)

15:15 Bobble head doll syndrome in multiloculated hydrocephalus, Shighakolli Ramesh,India (Flash,#53)

15:30 Coffee break

15:45 Assessment of the prognostic value of Helsinki computer tomography score in severe traumatic brain injury patients at Kenyatta National Hospital, Dave Mangar, Kenya (Oral,#23)

16:00 Metabolism related genes profile as a prognostic biomarker source in primary Glioblastoma. Julia Eva, Spain (Oral,#21)

16:15 Influence of syringomyelia on the postoperative outcomes in Chiari malformation type I patients. International, multi-center, retrospective study. Lukasz Antkowiak,Poland,(Oral, #83)

16:15 Secondary effects of occult spinal dysraphism: scenario in Nepal, Krishna Sharma, Nepal (Oral,#84)

16:38 Radiological evaluation of cervical spine injuries in elderly male patients due to falls, Nikolaos Ch Syrmos,Greece (Flash,#67)

16:45 Intracerebral hematoma: an unusual mode of revelation of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: a case report and review of the literature, Khalil Ayadi,Tunisia (Flash,#34)

16:53 Intramedullary tuberculoma: A case report and literature review, Khalil Ayadi,Tunisia (Flash,#35)

17:00 Blood Blister Like Aneurysms - General considerations and Management,Leonidas Quintana, Chile (Oral,#3)

Keynote Lecture: Giant Cerebral Aneurysms. Dr Robert Spetzler (USA)

18:00 Development of guidelines for early diagnosis of childhood brain Tumors at Kenyatta National Hospital, Tracey John, Kenya (Oral,#64)

18:15 Management of Intraventricular haemorrhage in Haemophilia. Case Report and Review of literature, Johnstone Muthoka, Kenya (Flash,#55)

18:30 Association between breast cancer and glioblastoma, is it a coincidence?" Khalil Ayadi, Tunisia (Flash,#37)

18:38 Stretching Break

18:45 Trigeminal neuralgia secondary to giant osteoma: A case report. Munguía-Rodríguez Aarón Giovanni, Mexico(Flash,#58)

19:00 Extrusion of distal shunt catheter: a report of three cases
, Benjamin Mutiso, Kenya (Oral,#41)

19:15 The pattern of brain tumours in Kenya. A review
, Nimrod J Mwang'ombe, Kenya, (Oral,#65)

19:30 How Can We Make Global Neurosurgery Truly Global? Russell Andrews, USA (Oral,#85)

19:45 Surgical Treatment of Brainstem Cavernous Angiomas, Andrés Cervio, Argentina, (Oral, #2)

Keynote Lecture: Surgical management of Brainstem Cavernomas. Dr Michael Lawton (USA)